Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jon's Travel Schedule

Mar 13 - Kansas City: Transit training school, 24-7 US Leaders,
Mar 13 - 14 Kansas City: Kansas City Boiler Room Advisory Board
Mar 14-16 Kansas City: Kansas City Boiler Room Community Retreat
Mar 16-20 Tulsa: Believer's Church Leadership Team - consulting.
Mar 31 - April 5 - London: My 24-7 Leaders Team; Ken McGreavey an old friend from
Amsterdam days; and Kyle & Rachel Oliver of Liquid Connections.

Welcome to the CityForce/2-47 Prayer - The Two-Headed Blog

Welcome to the City Force and my 24-7 Prayer blog! Why this two-headed benevolent monster? Well, my life is wonderfully blended between these two overlapping and symbiotic entities - the merger of my love and commitment to cities with my new tribe, 24-7 Prayer, committed to prayer and planting new communities. The two are intertwined in my personal life and ministry and seem to have a seamless co-existence.

In Victoria, BC, Canada where CityForce was invited in to journey with two different pastoral networks, they are now engaging in 50 days of 24-7 prayer in partnership with over 25 churches of various stripes and spots. So the blend of my two babies is working well and is a joy to me.

CityForce is our legal entity (501(c) 3) that donations to the ministry are given and from which Mindy and I receibe some assistance for our housing costs. It is also the umbrella under which all my ministry activities that are not associated with 24-7 are conducted.

I have national oversight for 24-7 in the U.S. Canada and Switzerland as well as sharing a spot in the circle of our international team of friends.

A good example of this blend is in Victoria, BC, Canada where CityForec was invited in 2002 to journey with the pastoral network. Now in 2008, thy have so grown in love and affection for each other and the city, they have decided to commit to 50 days of prayer together in the city. At last count they were over 25 participating churches.

I'm new to this blog deal....so, with a little trepidation launch into these waters. Check back every once in a while and I'll try to sneak something fresh onto the table.